• "J" I 34 x 48 cm

    "He had a girlfriend. It was forbidden love. At least for me. **

    He was an adventure. He was all that I didn't know before. He showed me extraordinary things, he made me expand my mind. We held hands before it was appropriate. We spent a night in a motel. Those moments in bed when we knew we should not touch each other, but we did anyway.

    It was a dream, before I ruined it. "




    Unique one piece edition alcoholic ink and acrylic on Yupo paper. 

    34 x 48 cm without frames. Piece is shipped without frames.


    Please note that pictures are for reference and don't not necessarily equal to actual scale of the print sizes given.

    Colour may vary slightly depending on your end device. Pieces may also contain small amount of scratches or dust due the craft process.


    If buyer lives outside of European Union, local customs may require additional taxes from purchases from abroad. 

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