• "L" I 32 x 28 cm

    "This encounter was so weird. It happened during a time I was lost with myself, and then I fell for him. It was so wrong, since he lived my 'bad phase' on and on. It was his reality. I could not stand it. It reminded me of my childhood traumas with narcotics.

    I still care about him. I cannot explain it. He had something others did not."




    Unique one piece edition alcoholic ink, acrylic ink and metallics on Yupo paper. 

    32 x 28 cm without frames. Piece is shipped without frames.


    Buyer understands that pieces may contain small amount of scratches or dust due the craft process, and colors may slightly vary depending on ones' end device.


    If buyer lives outside of European Union, local customs may require additional taxes from purchases from abroad. 

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