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"A moment. Love. Memory. Pain. Fear. Missing.  As highly sensitive person I experience all human emotions far more intensive way than the average person. Art have been the only way to cope with these strong emotions during my life. Art is the only medicine that gives me joy and happiness undependant on the current circumstances."

Tania Muhonen is Finland based artist working with both digital and traditional art platforms. Techniques vary between acrylic painting, digital art, photography, drawing, watercolors and inks to mixed media.

Works starting with a letter tell about specific relationship in her life.

"Each piece named with a letter are specific stories of the relationships I have been sharing. Some are very dark, some full of joy. Pieces are like visual diaries for me. The output of life.

There are short novels of each encounter attached at the info page of pieces. I hope people can see and most importantly feel what I felt during these periods of time."


"Art have always been in my life. I spent my childhood creating clay sculptures, my own paper and other weird things. In high school I decided to educate myself to be a fashion photographer. I went to an art school and after that I spent a while in London assisting one fashion photographer. I did some paid works as photographer-journalist, but after a while I realized that 

these jobs could never fulfill my need to express myself. 

That was when I started to experiment with paint and clothing design. I graduated as print technology engineer and started my two art companies."

"Some of my paintings are about my previous life lovestories. People love stories. Who would not want to relate? Romance is far from an old concept."

"Mind, fantasies, gender roles, sexuality, bodies and mysticism play huge role in my works.  I think there is darkness in all of us. I read a lot about psychology. I love learning about us, what have been and what will be.

I kind of want to force people to acknowledge their point of views and the fact that the same picture can be interpreted in so many ways depending on whats on the 'tabula rasa'."

"I have always felt fundamentally different from 'normal' people.  

I consider art as a therapy form for me. I have not been bullied, but I feel like I have - and still am.  People don't need to say anything when they don't really get me - or my works. I can see it from their faces. This feels really, really bad. People are social animals. The worst thing for a human is to be left out from a group - before civilization it meant death. 


I hope some day I am able to offer art therapy for other people too.

I want to offer art courses for people with disabilities, mental problems and other issues. It is so great to see people to get on with art and really enjoy doing it. I just really want to offer the help for other people, that art does for me, every day. "


I did not grow up in artistic family. Neither of my parents are artistic. None of my childhood friends were artistic. I always felt like a weirdo. The people who have understood me best are older art teachers and artists - when I attended photography school my best friend was a 70 years old woman. 

"Futurism, scifi, fashion world and pop culture have influenced to my work a lot.  " 



Taiko is an art webshop for original Finnish art. It is the natural meeting place for the professional artist and buyers around the world.


ReLove is a second hand shop and a lifestyle cafe that sells Tania's original paintings at their two Helsinki stores : 

Sandelsinkatu 6, Töölöntori

Fredrikinkatu 25, Punavuori

Most of the purchasable paintings are located at Fredrikinkatu.

Spot The Dot -Shop

Spot The Dot -Shop is an organization focusing on spreading knowledge of skin cancer. Tania took part at their group exhibition at Vienna, Austria during 2018 ; collaboration is still ongoing.


Didn't find the info you were looking for?

Want to give feedback or request a custom piece? Use the form below or contact via email :

info at tania muhonen.com

When requesting a custom piece, please provide information :

- Size

- Colors

- Technique / reference photos / links

This way I am able to plan the best piece for your wall ☀

Finnish customers can also write in Finnish. : )




Planned /

Your place?!

Ongoing /

starting 1 /2020 Helsinki, Finland. Johan & Nyström - untitled / mixture of works

starting 12 /2019 Helsinki, Finland. Rupla - Helsinginkatu 16 - Farewell exhibition / mixture of works

starting 11 /2019 Helsinki, Finland. ReLove - Fredrikinkatu 25 - mixture of acrylic paintings

Been /

3/2019 Helsinki, Finland. Cafe Talo: Untitled

1/2019 Helsinki, Finland. Kulttuurikeskus Sahina

11/2018 Helsinki, Finland. Rupla: "Diversity or Dystopia", solo exhibition

9/2018 Helsinki, Finland. ReLove: Untitled

6/2018 Vienna, Austria. Improper Walls: "Rebel Against Skincare", a group exhibition

5/2013 Tampere, Finland. Telakka: "vov2013", a group exhibition

Do you see your company as a good companion for my art? Contact me via info @ taniamuhonen.com! I would love to hear from you 🖤

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My life mission is to spread love, knowledge, beauty, unity, humanity and good deeds to other people.

Besides painting and creating art I get my living from making visual designs via Noa Visual Studio, and selling limited edition clothes via Von Restorff Shop.


Noa Visual Studio

I design brand stories, logos, posters + other graphic elements and image styles.Really all visual things. I love creating stories, values, reasons behind action. 

Von Restorff Shop

I also design limited edition clothing pieces for Von Restorff Shop, which is my third company (I know, restless soul, what can you do). The main goal at Restorff is to make people realize the worth of clothing pieces, honor the work and buy with commitment. We value unity, human rights, equality, love. Click the image for more.




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